Loveorhate was a term I adopted to explain how I feel about Mexico, when I first read it a decade ago now, it made sense and living in Mexico proved to me the trueness of it.



Monday morning, we ventured on the bus to go to Rome and pick up our rental, we got on the bus and saw a small machine where we figured was where we were to pay for our tickets, we look at the machine and looked at each other not really knowing ... [More]

Love or Hate Italy?

It was Thursday afternoon when we got off our plain at Fuminicio airport, we step out of the plain and started walking following the baggage claim signs when suddenly the hallway ended, there was a tram stop, with a sign for baggage Claim but we won’t sure what direction to take, there was no one around to ask so we ventured into the tram hoping for the best. In that moment I realized, Italy was going to be every bit as “fan” as Mexico had been.

The joys of Owning a Car in Mexico

imagine you arrive in Puerto with your family, you arrive and you think, its a new experience, new country, I'm happy to do it tough, we'll just join the locals on the bus or walk, great we'll get fit while we are at it. After a week you realize that 32 degree weather and 100% humidity aren't conducive for walking, that there is not sunscreen that can withstand the cascading sweat and that heat stroke can't be stopped with the small bottle of water you can carry on your witnessing bag and so you make the decision, we will buy a car. [More]

Acapulco de Juarez

When I first came back to Mexico ten years later I was eager to go back to all the places where I've been to rekindled that intense love I felt for Mexico and satisfied the yearning for the sights and smells and that unique feeling this country has, Acapulco was by then a big city with big city problems and the inherent trouble that the "gold" of the 80's brings to any city. [More]

Hurricane Carlotta

Having just arrived in Puerto I was no ready for hurricane, my emergency pack got dismantled so that I could use the backpack as handlugagge, the food was long gone, the batteries dead and wet wipes dry and the medicines about to expire. [More]

New York, New York

We arrived in America in warm afternoon, went through customs like we always do, gigling about the American customs officials who seem to take their job way too serously, when it was finally our turn, we went ahead hand over our passports and ready our -we are not a treat to your country smile- to no avail. I knew exactly why. [More]

The Ilusion of Safety

not sure if its the silly season, the extra tourists, the moon, or the slightly cooler weather but the local men in our little town seem to be out of control and then you are uneasy again, you never feel safe and start wondering why on earth would someone choose to live here. [More]
In Mexico

My name is Marcela and ever since I remember I've been in love with Mexico, whenever I met someone, by the end of the conversation they would have learned three things about me. One my Name, second that I'm terribly honest with how I feel about things, and third that I loved Mexico and I would love to move here.

It was 2003 when it first occurred to me that moving to Mexico wasn’t as farfetched as I once thought, I met someone who was moving to Mexico. After that conversation I was determined to move.

A year later, after getting stranded in Sydney because of a train strike, I met the perfect partner for my Mexico Adventure. We got married a year later and started to plan our Mexico trip.

We decided to initially come for only two months so we could see what it was like, Dale can live anywhere as long as there is a beach, but I'm a bit more... let’s say particular.

I had the shock of my life when we first got here, and I was ready to pack my bags and turn around, with no other outlet for my fear, anger and frustration with the country, I started to write a blog first of all to vent and then to give people coming the information I wished I knew when we first arrived.