Visa and FM3 's

Most Foreigners don't need to apply for visa to come to Mexico, you just get one when you arrive. Usually you get 180 days after which you need to leave the country to get another visa. [More]
In Mexico

My name is Marcela and ever since I remember I've been in love with Mexico, whenever I met someone, by the end of the conversation they would have learned three things about me. One my Name, second that I'm terribly honest with how I feel about things, and third that I loved Mexico and I would love to move here.

It was 2003 when it first occurred to me that moving to Mexico wasn’t as farfetched as I once thought, I met someone who was moving to Mexico. After that conversation I was determined to move.

A year later, after getting stranded in Sydney because of a train strike, I met the perfect partner for my Mexico Adventure. We got married a year later and started to plan our Mexico trip.

We decided to initially come for only two months so we could see what it was like, Dale can live anywhere as long as there is a beach, but I'm a bit more... let’s say particular.

I had the shock of my life when we first got here, and I was ready to pack my bags and turn around, with no other outlet for my fear, anger and frustration with the country, I started to write a blog first of all to vent and then to give people coming the information I wished I knew when we first arrived.